Holon Studios is an entertainment technology company specializing in social casino mobile games and AR/VR experiences.

Holon Studios is a rapidly growing technology start-up based on the Monterey Peninsula. Spearheaded by industry veteran Stephan Schwirzke, the company was founded by Monterey locals who, after years of combined success at technology and gaming heavyweights like Apple, Microsoft, Zynga, Konami and SEGA, have returned home to pursue a shared vision: to bring market-leading entertainment experiences to Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, and Mobile Gaming platforms, and to transform Monterey into a tech hub in the process.

Holon Studios brings a unique and innovative approach to the game business, borne of a three-part philosophy. First, we believe that there is no substitute for the invaluable experience of seasoned industry veterans, true masters of their craft. Second, by drawing on the abundance of local talent in Monterey, talent that would otherwise commute to the broader Silicon Valley, we seek to transform Monterey into a local tech hub for the development of gaming technology products. Third, we focus our efforts on what we know: the development of free-to-play mobile gaming apps.